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Learning Specialists and Futurists

What makes TwentyEighty uniquely positioned to solve corporate leaders' greatest talent challenges? While we are like other operating companies that own a portfolio of brands, we are also quite different in at least two valuable ways:


1. Learning specialists

We focus 100% of our time, efforts, and resources on the $130 billion/year learning and performance improvement industry.

This competitive advantage allows our teams of specialists across our five companies to discover opportunities that others, with divided attention and resources, may not see. Because of this depth of focus, TwentyEighty has been able to execute a roll-up strategy and acquire some of the most well-known brands in the space, resulting in a portfolio capable of providing answers to the following most common leadership challenges.  

  • Leadership Development & Behavior Change VitalSmarts
  • Sales and Service Excellence - Miller Heiman Group
  • Reimagined Leadership Development - AchieveForum
  • Adaptive Project Leadership - Strategy Execution

2. Learning Futurists

We are intently focused on being at the cutting edge of technology, data, analytics, and learning trends. 

We understand that learning has changed over the past ten years - innovative consumer technologies, and the subsequent human conditioning has changed how people seek answers to questions, and how they choose to learn. In addition to these ongoing changes, Baby Boomers will be exiting the workforce in the next few years. Millennials will be filling their vacated positions, and we will see a major shift in buying habits, including how training is delivered, what topics are being sought after, accessibility, and technologically-driven ROI expectations. 

TwentyEighty has worked hard to recruit professionals with the necessary skill set and experience to take advantage of this significant industry shift. We have a robust product strategy and portfolio of products positioned to address this digital revolution and consumer behavior change.





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Company History

Why the name, TwentyEighty?

TwentyEighty believes that 20% of certain high-leverage activities are responsible for 80% of the results obtained. TwentyEighty is focused on learning from those activities and incorporating them into our learning solutions.  



Award-Winning Brands