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Miller Heiman Group empowers people across an entire organization to perform at peak potential by bringing game-changing insight to sales performance and customer experience. We help companies build successful, customer-focused organizations that drive profitable revenue and top-line growth on a global scale. Our transformation from a sales training company to a leading provider of business performance solutions allows us to build world-class sales and service organizations by improving their alignment and execution like never before—and like no one else in the industry.

Our Be Ready Solutions™ offer the most comprehensive tools and services on the market—delivering capabilities that align your sales force and improve your execution. First, we align your sales force—making sure you have the right roles, people and channels deployed to the right market segments. We ensure you have the right people and partners in place, and the right incentive programs to properly motivate everyone.  Second, we improve your execution—providing the world’s best methodology that delivers organizational execution. We offer specific skill programs, coaching and reinforcement necessary to be successful and to execute on the methodology with precision. Additionally, we provide the right content, playbooks and processes that allow your sales people to add value in the sales process and create differentiation through the way they sell.



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Sales Performance, Customer Experience, Leadership Development, Customer Management, Professional Consulting